Streamlining Management Services

EZ Pawn• Leasing
• Property Management
• Project Management

Bundling services eliminates excessive costs. The property manager solves problems and handles disruptions more efficiently.

Tenant Representation:
• Exclusive Broker representation
• Market Analysis
• Lease / Purchase Analysis
• Strategic Site Selection

Landlord Representation:
• Strategic Planning
• Marketing
• Property Positioning
• Leasing Strategy
• Review investors goals and objectives and discuss
• Discuss exit strategy on the property
Centennial Mall sign• Review current income and expenses in order to make recommendations to maximize cash flow

Property Management Services:
• Lease administration
• CAM reconciliations
• Budget preparation and variance control
• Tenant relations and communication programs
• Coordination of tenant moves and relocations
• Tenant finish projects
• Whenever maintenance is required, we watch over your property as if it were our own: developing accurate specifications and soliciting bids from qualified contractors, evaluating those bids, and awarding the contracts.

Financial Management and Reporting:
• Prepare and implement annual operating budgets
• Accounts receivable and accounts payable
• Monthly financial management reports, including income statements, budget variance analyses and a monthly narrative